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Long term lesson plan English 6 2020-2021

Skapad 2020-08-28 10:16 i P A Fogelströms gymnasium Stockholm Gymnasieskolor
Gymnasieskola Engelska
Preliminary long term plan for English 6. This plan includes an overview of the different learning units we will work with throughout autumn 2020. An overview of the spring term will be presented before the Christmas break. Please note that the lesson plan is preliminary and subject to change, especially considering the current Corona-situation. In connection with the introduction of each unit you will be presented with a more detailed plan.





1. Introduction to English 6 

  • Formal/Academic writing

  • Read, discuss and analyse an old National Test (writing) 

  • Examination: Write an old National Test (week 38)

  • Peer-response activity connected the National Test 


2. US Election

  • Historical background of the US election

  • Vocabulary tasks

  • The US election process

  • Quiz/examination in week 42


3. Scientific text – History/English 

  • The use of history and analysis of statues

  • Scientific text – written in Digiexam – final version in week 45


4. Reading and listening strategies 

  • Work with different reading strategies 

  • Reading exercises

  • Old National Test Reading and Listening (Receptive skills)  w.48+49

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