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Week 46

Skapad 2020-11-07 16:49 i Bessemerskolan_IM Sandviken
Grundskola F Engelska
This is what happens in week 46.



Gr 2 - We will go through the listening on page 9. Practise the alphabet.

Here is a link for you to practise more. Also look for songs with the alphabet. That is a really good way to learn the alphabet. 

Gr 3 - Sit together in room 113 and do speaking activities.



Gr 2 - I will go through the verb "to be". When do you use am/are/is? Do exercise in book + online.

Gr 3 - Disconnect to connect; book and online exercises. Continue with words as well.



Gr 2 - Writing - describe the people in the picture, page 11.

Gr 3 - Continue working with the words in book + online. Work in pairs and learn the definition of the words.



Today we leave the book for a bit and watch an episode of Desperados, episode 6. If you want to be prepared you can watch this episode before Friday, you can watch with a Swedish subtitle (text) if you want.


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