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Working groups

Skapad 2020-11-10 13:22 i IPS Guldheden The International Preschool AB
Due to several reasons we decided to work in small groups. This method gives the oportunity to work more individually with the kids having as well quality time with them. Out of stress, noise and spreading illnesses so easly.


What are we doig?

We are working with small groups inside the same classroom group. 

How are we doing it?

Nursery group has 15 kids and 3 teachers. So it was easier for us to split the group in three goups and every teacher is responsable of 5 kids. 

The criteria we have followed ot organized the groups is not based on the age of the children, it is based on the diversity, trying to keep a balance between all the groups. 

We try everyday to work with this dinamic. One day one group stais inside with one teacher doing an activity and the other two groups go outside for a walk, play or do an activity. 

Why are we doing it?

There are many benefits for both teachers and children:

- Further Development

Smalls groups  are a good opportunity for the kids to be more involved and develop their social skills.

- Cooperation and team work. 

Working in a small group helps the kids to develop their cooparation skills easier and discover how to share and be fair. 

- Social and interaction skills

in a small group it is easier to encourage friendships between kids who do not normally play together.

- Observations

As a teacher in a small group of kids, you have the opportunity to observe better the kids and be able to find their interests and abilities in order to support them and document. 

- Covid -19

Nowadays due the world situation relating with Covid-19, we try to work as much as possible in small groups to avoid spending a lot of time in big groups with different people. 


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