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Skolbanken – inspiration och utveckling från hela landet


Skapad 2020-11-16 14:23 i Beckombergaskolan Stockholm Grundskolor
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Assignment for pupils who are at home:

1. Work on www.studentlitteratur.se/minbokhylla (next chapter)

Read and listen to the text. Do tasks on "uppgifter" connecting to the text.

2. Write a summary of the text from the textbook on Onenote

E.g. A short informative text without your own thoughts.

3. www.readtheory.org  Practise reading comprehension

Log in with your username and password.

4. www.tedtalk.com

Listen to a Tedtalk about something you are interested in. Write a comment on Onenote in which you state:

  • what you think about the talk
  • if you learnt anything
  • if you have a question about it