Skolbanken – inspiration och utveckling från hela landet


Skapad 2020-11-19 09:52 i Vallåsskolan Halmstad
Grundskola 8 – 9 Engelska
You are going to learn facts about the United States, compare what you learn to your own experiences and you will also go on a virtual trip to a destination in the United States of your own choice and write a travel blog about your adventure.



1. Search for information about the state on the internet and take notes in a document. Share with your teacher.

Choose information, such as:

where the state is situated,

how big it is,

population and density,

famous sights/people,



other important or interesting information.

2. Compare the state to Sweden. What is different/similar? Take notes.

3. Write a travel journal based on the information you found. Share with your teacher.

4. Plan a presentation (Power Point for example). No text in your presentation! Key words only.

5. Choose pictures and a video, or part of a video (1-2 min.), to go with the information in your presentation.

6. Practise presenting your information and talking about your pictures and video together.

7. Show your presentation. Comment on all the pictures and the video. (Around 3 minutes/student)

Have fun! :)


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