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Outdoor pedagogy

Skapad 2020-11-23 09:12 i IPS Biskopsgården The International Preschool AB
Due to Covid-19 we need to move more of the education outside. This means that we need to think of new ways to teach using the surroundings and nature materials, instead of the classroom. The weather in autumn/winter is challenging as arts and crafts are difficult to do. The fact that we do not have out own playground makes it even harder. We need to rethink our whole teaching structure.


Where are we? 

The children have previously shown interest in insects and bugs. This has lately been lost in other areas, and the fact that we are usually all out at the same time. It's harder to do more focused activities with our group without going quite far away from the school. The drop- off and pick-up times of the children and our early lunch makes this harder, as we do not have that much pedagogic time to begin with. 

Where do we want to go? 

We want to make sure that outdoor play isn't just running around free playing, we need to get better att having circle time outside, and more planned pedagogical moments. Well thought out moments for pedagogic activities is a must if we are going to ensure the education of the children in these times. 

How do we do it? 

Planning activities and finding a place in close proximity to the school where we can be uninteruppted is the first step. After that we need to come up with a time schedule that we can hold during a long time, regardless of weather conditions. 

How did it turn out?

- Discuss in group before end of term. 

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