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Engelska planering vecka 2-3

Skapad 2021-01-10 10:05 i Lerbäckskolan Lunds för- och grundskolor
Grundskola F
preliminär planering vecka 2-3



Planering eng åk 9 VT-21


Monday (05c)

Wednesday (05b)





- Read p. 90-91 in text book

 Write down all the words that you don’t understand

-  In groups of 4 divide and translate the text into Swedish (classroom document)

2 paragraphs each. 

- H/W finish translation.

- Go through translation together (read out aloud in Swedish and compare)

- Exercise 4 A workbook p.60

- Go through the answers

- H/W to next class Vocabulary in yellow on p. 91 Link to words in Quizlet


- Discuss questions (in CR) and take notes.


-Whole class discussion questions from lesson 2.

-Write definitions in the CR document of the words from the H/W write each word in    a sentence as well. Don’t use the same sentences as in the text. Go through the definitions and the sentences

- Watch the two short videos and in groups of 4 discuss the questions.

Questions in CR 


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