Skolbanken – inspiration och utveckling från hela landet

Week 2

Skapad 2021-01-10 19:01 i Bessemerskolan_IM Sandviken
Grundskola F Engelska
Welcome back to spring term! Now you have to step up and really get into your work so you move forward. This is what happens week 2.



This lesson you will have to work on your own. I have shared a document with you in

Teams. Everybody will work with this.



Catch up lesson - Where are you? Are you ready to review your chapter so you can do a test? Some of you really need to work harder so you can move forward in your book. I am still waiting for some recordings.



Keep on with your chapter, I will call some of you and do the talking exercise from the book.




For this lesson I will try to divide you into groups and you will practise listening together. I will send you instructions for the lesson and you will help each other, 1 of you will be a secretary and write down how it all went.




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