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Media and Communication week 2-6

Skapad 2021-01-11 16:18 i Bohusskolan Ale
Grundskola 8 Engelska
Vi jobbar med att läsa, lyssna, skriva och tala.


In week 2-6 we will work with the topic Media and Communication. We start and end every lesson in Teams. Be on time!

What to do when reading a text:

  • Listen to it (if you have the audio)
  • Read it out loud 
  • Practice new/difficult/unusual words
  • Write key words and then retell it 
  • Write questions about the text

How to practice new words:

  • Translate
  • Write a definition
  • Find synonyms/antonyms
  • Use the word in sentences
  • Spell it
  • Pronounce it

If you have finished your assignments you can always check out the news. Read articles or watch news clips. Here are some news sites:


The Sun

CNN International

The New York Times

Fox News

The Times in Plain English (Simple English, for foreign learners of English)



(The schedule is under development)

Week 2: Newsreel | UR Play


Week 3: Media and Communication


Week 4: Media and Communication


Week 5: Fake News


Week 6: Discussion: Films and TV


  • Media and Fake news

  • Media and Fake news

  • Inventions: Informative text / News article

  • Inventions: Informative text / News article

  • Media and Communication

  • Media and Communication

  • Newsreel Annual Review

  • Media and Communication