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Skapad 2021-01-12 15:10 i Fuxernaskolan Lilla Edet
Grundskola 9 Engelska
During this unit we will focus on news. What is considered news? What is fake news? Are all news reports important? How do you write a news report?



In today's society it is important to be a critical reader. News is a way for us to collect information about the world. During this unit you will get the chance to improve:

- your ability to read,

- your ability to understand spoken English, 

- your ability to write and

- your ability to write. 

Since we will discuss current events, you will also have the opportunity to reflect on (think about) culture in different countries.


In the classroom

- Discuss current events.

- Work in Gleerups (Gleerups Engelska 7-9, News).

- Write a text for assessment.


  • News (Gleerups)

  • News - writing assignment

  • Speaking: Front Page News

  • (January 28) News: Inauguration Day

  • ENGLISH January 15: "Read All About It!" in Gleerups

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