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Week 4

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Grundskola F Engelska
This is what happens in week 4.


Monday 25

9.45 - A lot of questions - Många frågor. We are going to work with "frågeord", questions words.

          Some common question words are: who, whose, what, which of

          After the powerpoint there will be a worksheet for you.


12.40 -

Group 2 - I will go through test 2.

Group 1 - work with Narine.


Wednesday 27

Group 2 - We will read chapter 2 in Pales.

Group 1 - work with Narine.


Friday 29

Group 1 - We will practise reading for 30 minutes.


Group 2 - You are going to listen to the text "Friendship qualities" on page 18. Read and copy the reader, at least 4 times. Around 10.15 I will read the text with you.


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