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Vi kommer att arbeta med ett miljötema. Om hur vi behandlar vår miljö och vad vi kan göra för att förbättra den. Vi läser olika texter, jobbar med frågeställningar i diskussioner och skrift, ser olika videoklipp samt skriver en uppsats i ämnet.




                                     The environment


During the weeks 2 to 9 we will be working with environmental issues.

After we have finished this section you should be able to talk about threats to the environment, eco-friendly habits, green cars and recycling.



Global warming TB p. 78 – 81

Start with reading the text Global warming on pages 78 – 81. Answer the questions below, you find them on Teams (uppgift) and share them with me. Important: answer the questions with fully and complete answers.


1.     What is global warming?

2.     What actions do people do which causes climate trouble?

3.     Make a list of at least five effects of global warming?

4.     What small changes can you do to make a change?


Homework for Friday week 3: Text and words “Global warming”. Words on quizlet.






Save the rainforests TB p. 82 – 83

Watch the youtube clip about the Rainforest:


Take nots while watching so you can discuss what is happening to the rainforest later.

Read the text Save the rainforests on page 82 – 83 and answer the corresponding questions on Teams (uppgift). 


1.     What importance do the rainforests have for the world´s climate?           

2.     Why are the rainforests disappearing?

3.     How can we save the rainforests?

4.     What can you do as an individual to help save the rainforests?


Homework for Friday week 4: Text and words “Save the rainforests”. Words on quizlet.





Green Cars TB p. 84 – 85

Read the text Green cars on page 84 – 85 and answer the questions on Teams.


1.     What are green cars?

2.     Are they better? Why/why not?

3.     What sort of green cars are there?

4.     Which one would you prefer and why?

5.     What are your thoughts on cars in the future?



Homework for Friday week 5: Text “Green Cars”.






Recycling TB p. 88 – 89

Read the text Recycling on page 88 – 89 and answer the questions on Teams.


1.     Why is it important to recycle?

2.     What do you and your family recycle? Why?

3.     What happens with recycled material?

4.     How can we get more people to recycle more?


Homework for Friday week 6: Text and words “Recycling”. Words on quizlet.




A green day TB p. 92 – 93                                           

Read the text A green day.


1.     How green is your home? Do Worksheet 5.

2.     Workbook page 87, exercise 28.






All summer in a day TB p. 98 – 99.

Listen to the text and answer the following questions:


1.     What made Margot different from all the other children? Give specific examples.

2.     Why did the children push Margot into a wardrobe?

3.     Describe the change that took place when it stopped raining for the first time in seven years?

4.     What did the children do during the two hours they were allowed to stay out in the sun?

5.     What do you think, could it be possible that we someday live on another planet?


Watch this clip of Greta Thunberg’s speech at the European Parliament.



1.     What is it she is talking about? 

2.     What makes her so upset?

3.     What do you think of her speech? Do you agree with her? Why/Why not?

These questions we will discuss in class.



Do the following exercises in your workbook:


Ex 5, page 79, Missing words

Ex 6 page 79, Match the words

Ex 7, page 80, Climate change





Listen to Wasted Food, translate some words and answer some questions on Teams.


During these weeks we will also listen to some speeches, read news articles and talk about environmental issues.


Before you start with the discussion we are going to watch a documentary of David Attenborough (52 min).




Prepare to discuss these questions. What can we do to help save our planet?


1.    What can you do as an individual to help save the planet?

2.    Is it possible to use cars less? What can society do to make it easier for people to avoid using cars?

3.    Here is a list of environmental issues. Which do you think is the most important right now? Why?


-       global warming

-       acid rain (surt regn)

-       species in danger of extinction?

-       Deforestations (avskogning/kalhyggen)



Writing (in Exam and in class)


Write a short essay about the global warming and include your answers to the questions below in your essay. Write at least 200 words.


1.    What do you think about the global warming? Explain your thoughts.

2.    What do you think should be done about global warming by individuals (like yourself) and by governments around the world?

3.    How does the global warming effects people and all the animals that live on this planet? What effects can you see today? 

4.    What do you think about the future?


You will process the text later but be mindful of your spelling and grammar.

Write in Teams on specified document “Global warming – Essay”.



Work with grammar: exercises in workbook and on handouts.


Some or any?

Must and have to



Question tags – påhängsfrågor







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