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Freedom Fighters & Freedom Writers

Skapad 2021-02-15 10:24 i Ljusterö skola Österåker
Grundskola 9 Engelska
In this unit, you will learn more about people who have fought for human rights and made significant achievements. You will develop all skills as this unit involves reading activities, discussions, listening comprehension tasks and writing assignments.


Part 1: "The Diary of a Young Girl" (Anne Frank)

  • Reading activities and discussions

  • Comprehension questions in Classroom

Part 2: Film: "Freedom Writers"

  • Listening activity

  • Discussions

  • Writing assignments

  • Events in English speaking countries (The US)

Part 3: Heroes & Heroines

  • Use material in production

  • Oral presentations


Please note that you can find all assignments in Google Classroom.






  • Discussion questions and film review

  • A Positive Role Model

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