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planering v5-13

Skapad 2021-02-16 11:53 i Bessemerskolan Sandviken
Gymnasieskola Engelska
We will work with globalization and postcolonialism using Blueprint C plus an assortment of texts


week 5 Globalization English goes Global + Postcolonialism in Blueprint

week 6 A Fish out of Water + The Software of the Mind (Blueprint)

week 7 Postcolonialist literature handout (Achebe, Walker & Co) Discuss and analyse Marriage is a Private Affair


week 10 Monday Discuss and analyse the excerpts from The Color Purple and The Rabbitproof Fence

              Tuesday  Write a comparative analysis on the three texts in school

week 11  Watch film

week 12 Monday Speaking test  in school

              Tuesday Reading comrehension test  in school

week 13 Monday  Listening and usage test 14.10- 15.45 Please note the prolonged class!

              Tuesday  Writing test 10-12 in school, bring your laptop!