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The Media

Skapad 2021-03-14 12:16 i von Bahrs skola Uppsala
Study The Media through Wings 8 Workbook and Textbook including some grammar. The final assignment is to write a reivew of a favorite film or TV-program.
Grundskola 8 Engelska
We will look at the Media and learn how to communicate and about different kinds of communication channels (TV, Internet, Print and so forth). We will reflect on the different ways to communicate and how they all differ in their use of the language.


This work will be based in Wings 8  - The Media in both Textbook and Workbook.

  • We will learn about different styles and forms of media, 
  • we will learn about different use of the language in the different communication channels.
  • we will write a review at the end where you choose the subject, a TV-series/film/book, and express your opion about it.

In Wings 8 Textbook we will read and study: 

"What is 'The Media'", "The Seasons Shows", "Just Four Episodes To Go" and "Reading - Changes Our Minds".

We will also work on these sub-chapters' exercises in Wings 8 Workbook and vocabulary at

On the way we will work on grammar in use (pågående presens,).



  • Write a Review!

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