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Week 13

Skapad 2021-03-28 19:35 i Bessemerskolan_IM Sandviken
Grundskola F Engelska
Welcome to this short week before the Easter break.




Group 1 - we will practise reading comprehension, a text about Easter.


Group 2 - you will work with the words to chapter 4. You are going to translate sentences into English.

You can try first without looking in the book, but if you have to use the book and the text that is fine. You don't

need any other material.


Group 3 (Latifa and Sajeda) you are also going to work with the words to your chapter.



Group 1 - with Narine.

Group 2 - We will first go through the work you did in the morning. If time,we will read or talk about Easter.


Wednesday        At school.

Group 1 - with Narine.

Group 2 - Last lesson before the break so we will do an Easter competition in the classroom. You will be working in pairs.



No lesson. Have a super duper Easter break everybody!!!

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