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The Environment

Skapad 2021-04-05 15:11 i Gränbyskolan Uppsala
Grundskola F Engelska
In this section you will study global warming and other threats to the environment as well as some possible solutions


We are going to focus on the following texts in your textbook Wings 8:

- Global warming (p. 78)

- Save the rainforests! (p. 82)

- Why veggie? (p. 86)

- Recycling (p. 88)

- Greenpeace (p. 94) 

- All summer in a day (p. 98) 

You will be expected to learn new words related to the topic (the environment.) As usual, you will also get to practice your listening skills. 

Assessed tasks: 

- Discussion- Vegetarian or not? (podcast, speaking)

- How to save our planet: my action plan (text, writing)