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Skapad 2021-04-29 09:49 i Ekdalaskolan Härryda
Grundskola 6 – 9 Engelska
Go through your phone (if you own one), your computer and the family photo albums and bring us a gem (one with you in it)!


Go through your phone (if you own one), your computer and the family photo albums and bring us a gem (one with you in it)!

This assignment is about giving a speech, while at the same time getting to know each other better.

Use lessons and time home to prepare to tell your story.


Include this information in your speech:

When was this photo taken?

Where was this photo taken?

Who took the photo?

Why did you bring this specific photo?

Plus, other interesting facts surrounding this photo.

These facts will of course depend on you and the photo. This part is important, and here you will need to understand that your audience is interested in you and want to know more, so don't be too humble and hold back!


a) You bring a photo of you and your handball team. Now you can talk about for how long you have played handball, why you do it and what it means to be part of a team.

b) You bring a photo of you with your family taken on a trip. Now you can talk about the place you visited, what you thought of the trip and how you feel about traveling in general.



Prepare to give a 2-4 minutes presentation about your photo. Anything written is not required.

In class before we begin working on this assignment, we will take a closer look on both how to prepare for a speech and how to give a speech. We will base this on what you can find in "Muntlig framställning & interaktion" here in Unikum.

This is also where you will find/put your feedback after your presentation.

Do NOT give a reading out loud. That is a whole nother assignment.


It is very important that you try your best to meet the requirements described here, so that your class and your teacher can give you important feedback. Try your best to prepare and your English will improve guaranteed.


Email me your photo if you have a digital copy. If not, please bring it to class and I will scan it for you.l.


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