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Engelska 7C - adventures - v.6

Skapad 2022-02-04 17:25 i Ekens skola Stockholm Grundskolor
Grundskola 7 Engelska
This week you will explore the theme of adventure! You will get to use all four skills, as you use the Sparks text- and workbooks to practise. You will, among other things, write an adventure story, do a role play exercise, and practise reading and listening. This week is mainly for practising your English skills, so you will not be formally assessed.










Plan & assessment




Reading: “On top of the world” p.55-56 (TB).


Talk about it p.57 TB


Did you get it, word work p.50-52 WB


Speak out p.51.



Reading: “The Jury is still Out” p.57


Watch: Jordan Romero


“Talk about it” p.59.



Did you get it p.54

Time to write p.54

Irregular verbs p.55


 Listening check

Reading check


Watch clip about swimming 


Reading: ”Crossing the Channel” p.60-62 TB


Exercises p.56-58 WB


Grammar: irregular verbs (Good Stuff-häfte)


An adventure story!

 - PP, instructions.

 - Synonyms of adventure words.

 - Start planning your story.

 - Discuss your map.

 - Write your story




Quizlet homework test


Write your story and hand in.


Speaking practise



Practise the Quizlet words

Practise the Quizlet words

Practise the Quizlet words