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TV commercials

Skapad 2022-06-13 12:41 i Rotskärsskolan 7-9 Älvkarleby
Grundskola 7 – 9 Engelska
Since you were young, you have been influenced by commercials and advertisements. Now, the tables have turned, and you are going to influence someone else into buying your products.


Things to discuss before we start

  • What do you think about commercials and advertisements?
  • Where do we see them?
  • Do they influence us?
  • Are there any differences between commercials and advertisements? Which? Is one better or worse than the other?
  • When it comes to commercials, what do they say in them? How are they structured? 
  • Is there a special commercial or ad that lives in your head rent-free?
  • Are there any that really make you cringe? 
  • Do you know of any slogans?


What to do

In pairs or groups of three, you will create a campaign for a seemingly unnecessary product. You need to start by coming up with an idea as to why a person would need your product, as well as a couple of good arguments. 

Your campaign is going to include

  • a poster with a picture of your product and text to present it
  • a short speech (think commercial)
  • a slogan



  • blue tomatoes
  • perfumed socks
  • crisps with raspberry flavour
  • invisible candy
  • a work-out machine for dogs
  • makeup to make you uglier
  • an alarm system for your hamster cage
  • anti-wrinkle cream for babies
  • extra bouncy shoes
  • bulletproof earplugs
  • unsinkable submarine
  • non-curved bananas